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Sabino Tennessee Walking Horse Filly
Foaled May 5, 2008

Currently 14.2 Hands and growing...should top at 15

This TWH filly is a calm one.  She is 2-1/2 years old, loves people and other animals.  She has been exposed to an indoor arena, cattle (loves to play with them), dogs, etc...  She's been started on her ground work and has had a saddle, bridle, the works on her several times with NO PROBLEMS.  She even accepted her first rider with no issues whatsoever.  She will load, stand for the ferrier, and let you clip her mane for the bridle path.
***Udated 4/13/11:  DeMai has had all her shots & dental work done.  She's even been on her first short trail ride and did beautifully!

DeMai comes from a long line of World Grand Champions (see pedrigee below) and is as gentle as you would ever want a horse to be - she is not spooky, nor is she mean.  The only reason we're selling her is we don't have enough pasture for all of our horses.  We sold her dam to a lady in NY that has a disabled daughter - the only reason we don't have her with us today.  If DeMai is 1/2 the horse that her dam was, she will be a GREAT horse.

Oh, and did we mention she is BEAUTIFUL!!!

We're currently asking $1500 for her - grab her up now so you can finish her out the way you want.  Once we complete her training this spring/summer, we will be asking more for this wonderful filly!
DeMai's Sire:  Pusher's Coat of Colors
DeMai's Dam:  Sport's Sinner
NO problems loading!
Only the second time she had a rider on her back!